Why Terra Geothermal?

Our Process

1. Information Exchange

We provide our customers with the knowledge to make an informed decision about GeoExchange. The customer provides us with building details in order to asses their project needs.

2. Proposal

Our CGC accredited designer will review your details and project needs and propose the best GeoExchange system options to meet your requirements.

3. Design

Our design team will create a custom GeoExchange system tailored specifically to your project requirements .

4. Contract

We provide the project scope in an open and transparent format. A Terra Geothermal contract is a detailed agreement for a successful GeoExchange installation.

5. Scheduling

At Terra Geothermal our installation process seamlessly integrates into your construction schedule. We communicate with you and your project managers to ensure timely installation of each system component.

6. Installation & Finalization

We ensure a clean, detailed fit and finish with every installation. Our CGC accredited installation team will insure that your GeoExchange system is installed according to the highest industry standards. Including: Ducting & Venting, Energy Well, Mechanical, Commissioning and Start Up, Customer Training, Service Contract