Why Terra Geothermal?

Canadian GeoExchange Coalition

The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC) is a Canadian made, industry based organization supported by the Federal Government to set the highest standard in GeoExchange installation and maintenance.

Together with the GeoExchange industry members, the CGC has developed The Global Quality GeoExchange Program. This program assures that customers receive the highest quality GeoExchange installations from reliable competent, ethical professionals.

The Global Quality GeoExchange Program provides:

  • Training for drillers, designers and installers
  • Accreditation of drillers, designers and installers
  • Qualification of design firms and installation contractors
  • Certification of GeoExchange projects
  • Arbitration between parties
  • Communication of the program and its benefits


Industry professionals are trained to implement best practices when designing, installing and/or drilling GeoExchange systems.

Accreditation - the mark of a professional

The accreditation process ensures that CGC trained drillers, installers and designers have had their credentials verified, have positive field experience and are backed by customers references and manufacturers/ distributers favorable recommendations.


A CGC Qualified company works only with CGC accredited professionals and pledges the highest quality work to customers. Qualified companies have had a business check (CGC reviews compliant history, credit and other business information) and are therefore among the country’s most responsible companies working with the technology.

Terra Geothermal is the first CGC qualified firm in British Columbia. The Terra Geothermal team is trained and accredited by the CGC and supports the vision of creating a sustainable and accountable GeoExchange industry.


For a system to be certified, it must follow the CSA standards for GeoExchange design and installation. In addition, a CGC Certified GeoExchange system must be designed and installed by CGC accredited professionals and comply with all provincial regulations.

The Global Quality GeoExchange Program is a reliable method of ensuring that:

  • systems deliver the benefits promised,
  • systems are safe, and safely installed,
  • designers and contractors are reliable, competent professionals, and will conduct their business affairs honorably,
  • designers and contractors will implement best practices wherever and whenever possible,
  • systems and the design / installation team comply fully with all relevant laws and regulations, and
  • professionals have a reliable documented method of risk management, which can justify lower insurance premiums.
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