Energy Well

The geothermal energy taken from the ground is extracted through a custom designed energy well. The energy well loop is created from High Density Polyethylene pipe, which is buried in the ground outside your home. An environmentally safe water-based methanol mixture, an ideal heat conductor, is circulated inside the pipe. The energy well transfers geothermal energy to the heat pump in the mechanical room.

While in heating mode, the fluid circulates through the loops acquiring stored energy for distribution by the heat pump. In cooling mode, heat is transferred from the dwelling and restored in the earth.

There are two main types of energy wells: horizontal and vertical.

The horizontal energy well is ideal for buildings on a large land mass. The loops are installed inside a trench excavated between 6 to 10 feet below the surface.

The vertical energy well is ideal in urban areas as it requires significantly less space. The loops are installed by drilling a 4 inch hole which varies between 50 and 400 feet deep.